• Sales teams
  • Marketing & merchandising
  • Operations Maintenance & Control
  • Audit & Control (HSE, quality…)
  • Risk Management


  • Store visits
  • Merchandising control
  • Promotions & Marketing
  • Mystery shopping
  • Management and logistics
  • Stores technical maintenance


  • Easily create on-line questionnaires, forms and checklists
  • Organise, complete and monitor self-testing, audit and action plans
  • Using voice recognition to record observations
  • Adding photos, videos or any other file to beef up tour findings
  • Working online or offline


  • Exchange real-time and relevant information to improve business efficiency
  • Track and analyse compliance in real time
  • Escalate assurance of effective control, up to Board level
  • Re-focus the team regularly on risk and control matters
  • Optimized management of your activities through digitized processes, more double entry, real-time feedback, and improved communication with your customers and employees

Case study 1:

Store visits

Moving away from paper checklists, spreadsheets and time-consuming reports, our client fully automated its store, distribution and after-service platforms in France. Site visit process is now totally digital and automatically launched via planned campaigns. Results are available real-time, counter-visit can be automatically created, action plans triggered and followed-up. Not only did the response rate go through the roof, but data quality dramatically increased. Campaign reports are automatically generated and sent to region and zone managers, saving them time and efforts. Thanks to Sherlock, our client was not only in a great position to renegotiate its insurance premiums but also made sure that teams on the ground are continuously reminded of the different health and safety policies they must comply with.

Case study 2:

Fleet management

With a fleet of more than 1500 vehicles, our client was struggling to make sure that maintenance controls were accurately and exhaustively completed on all vehicles. Thanks to Sherlock, each vehicle is now associated with a simple questionnaire, which only take a few minutes to fill in: all controls and/or defects are now available in real-time and fully evidenced thanks to photos and videos, facilitating the continuous improvement of their maintenance policy.

Case study 3:

Visual Merchandising

Sherlock helps our client to keep all local displays in line with its recommendations: they can see in real time whether each store comply with display guidelines, simply sending digital guidelines (pdf, video or photos) that are accessible on mobile devices, and can give instant feedback on the received feedback.

Case study 4:

Marketing & Promotions

Using Sherlock, our client can send simple digital guidelines that are accessible on any device, so implementing your vision is seamless and convenient. Shop managers can instantly send photos of store displays in to ensure VM is always displayed accurately: reports for its suppliers are then automatically generated, compiling display photos from all participating stores, making it easy and efficient to activate agreements.